Mason Jar Fix up!

Michael’s Arts & Crafts

If you have not been to Michael’s in awhile I’m now giving you a reason to run to their store! I love shopping for all my craft needs, using coupons and checking out their everyday deals! I’m so happy that I came across their 3 pack plastic mason jar set for only $5! these mason jars are under their everyday deal so you will never miss out! and so far the price has not changed. Unfortunately you cannot use coupons on this deal because like I stated before its part of their “everyday deal” but, who cares! it’s a great buy. They’re already packaged and waiting for some crafty person to come fix them!


What I chose to do with them 

 Ideas where running through my head as I walked around Michael’s looking for the perfect pieces to hot glue or paint on! it took me awhile to decide and before I knew it I was on pack number 4! please see below ideas for these wonderful jars and leave a comment if you have questions, I would love to hear from my crafters! 


3 piece mason jar set from Michaels Arts and Crafts. $5 part of their everyday deal

You can store pretty much anything in them! now, I don’t store food items in them because sometimes I paint them so I use them for my glue sticks and other crafty items I have that needs a new home!! Thanks so much for reading 


Leave me a comment on what’s your favorite thing to buy at Michaels!


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