6 funny interview questions and responses!

Good evening, my blog readers I have a interview tomorrow for a company that I know little about, but, they’re hiring and its a call center position so I thought, what the heck let me go and see what the company is about!

For me and my experience I absolutely hate interviews! I hate the awkward moments and the god awful questions! But, for some reason I always end up getting the jobs🤗. So here is a list of why I hate interviews!

1. Tell us about yourself

Ok! Now, I know that this might be a good question for companies to get to know there applicants better! but, are you serious? What do you want me to say 🤔 I cant say what I really like so I have to lie as if I’m this good wholesome girl who never got in trouble and loves to sit in her window seat and read. WRONG! so now I’m making up lies as I go faking! Tragic!

2. What made you apply for this position

Hahaha! Because you were hiring so can we end this now and get me on payroll or do I have to go back to Indeed.com Ijs!!

3. Tell us about your experience

Well I lied about most of the stuff so let me try to remember and see if I can see 👀 through the resume you’re holding!

4. Why should we hire you?

Because I drove over here on E!! I have bills due like weeks ago and you said that you were hiring immediately!

5. Tell us about a time…

No! No! No! Well, there was this time at band camp… Like seriously these questions are so extra they have nothing to do with my work ethic

6. Do you have any questions?

Well, yes! when do I start? And can I get an advancement?

These questions are for humor only, I’m very serious when I lie on interviews I’m very professional!! 😂😂😂


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