Getting your website verified with premium wordpress plan

I’m here to tell you how to get your YouTube channel, Your domain (website) and Pinterest Accounts Verified!!

Youtube/Google website verification listed below

  1. Enter your website on the box highlighted red
  2. It will then tale you to a page where you will be given a meta tag

First thing first YouTube/Google was the easiest for me I uploaded my Meta tag through my wordpress website

3.Go to settings in your wordpress app 4.Click general tab and tap Traffic

5. Scroll all the way down and upload your meta tag (3rd pic)


This will only work if you have the free business account for Pinterest

From a desktop computer! Hit the claim website button from there you will copy your meta tag and go back to your wordpress app settings like you did where you uploaded your YouTube/Google tag

Pinterest will be located at the bottom of the page in your traffic tab on your wordpress app settings

After that go back to your pintrest and click submit! If everything goes through you will be notified right then with YouTube/Google and about 10 minutes for pinterest even though it says 24 hours it mpves pretty fast

If you have any questions click the links below this will only work for PREMIUM WORDPRESS SITE OWNERS

Help with verification click link


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