Goodwill Mama

I’m a mom who loves to save (I’ve said this a million times)

My 5 reasons why I prefer to go to Goodwill before a Dept Store!

1. Money don’t grow on trees

Kids grow fast and when you have 4 kids ( like myself) you are always needing to buy clothes. Rather its spring, winter, summer or fall the kiddos need a new wardrobe! They outgrow stuff so fast and damage clothes even faster because they don’t understand the value of a dollar. Shopping smart will always save you in the long run.

2. Another Mom’s trash is a lucky Mom’s treasure!

Thank God for the parents who take care of their kids clothing and donates! If my kids have more than they need but don’t wear it as often why not donate it! It’s going to a great cause! Right?!

3. Goodwill

I was never a thrift shopper they use to make me feel uncomfortable I was the type mom that thought Ross, DDS, and Burlington was bargain shopping, which it is, sort of, but Goodwill prices for name brand items was the answer to a penny pinching mom such as myself!

4. Pros and cons to everything!

Thrifting is like gambling you will have your hit or miss days and that’s ok if you can travel shop around find different thrift stores! if your are up for the challenge! You will not be disappointed, search carefully and look at each item fully before purchasing and the great thing is most Goodwill’s have the rewards program ten stamps gets you $10 off any item rather is furniture, clothing, household items ANYTHING

5. Hints!

For girls sizes 4,5,6,7,10,12,14,16 are always fully stocked

For boys sizes


Fully stocked

Women’s are always fully stocked

Furniture/household items are always the best part! I have so many tables and pictures for a very great price and all of them are from replicable stores!!


Cat & Jack, Old Navy, Carter’s, Osh Kosh, Polo, to name a few are in this basket

Old Navy dress size 5 in girls ⬇️


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