How I decorated my home with Goodwill Store Items

I’m not going to give a long story of how I did it, I’m just going to get straight to the point and what area’s I used my good finds in! Sounds good? Well, let’s get started

I got all of this wall art for less than $15! Talk about savings 2 wall art pics went in my living room, while the rest went in the Master bedroom which I painted

I chose olive green and mustard for the color choice in out bedroom, I used the shelves to store wedding pics and our wedding book (not shown)

My hallway! These were perfect it really helps compliment the table I bought as well (shown next)

This table cost me $5, the plant is also from Goodwill (pricing below)

This was one of my favorite buys I could not believe this was $5.99 đŸ˜² it’s perfect in my dining room

All plants were $2.49

If you haven’t been to Goodwill, or any local thrift store what are you waiting for?! I use to be the one who thought if it’s full price it’s better! Thank God I stopped thinking foolishly

Thanks for ready leave me a comment or a email


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