What is Being A Wife?

What is being a wife?

I was talking to a close friend of mine and she stated that she has been working long hours at work and it’s not fair that her husband works a few hours but he can still clock his 10 hours. She felt that he needs to cook and clean more often sense he is home before her. What are my thoughts? Well, I personally believe that we run the home and it’s our job and our duties to make sure the home is ran right and everything is in order! some may agree, some may not….Let me give you my outlook!

My duties as a wife and a mom!

I take my household very serious, I love being domestic, catering, serving and being needed by my family! Now, don’t get me wrong I have my days where I want to lounge and just be invisible… but, I’m human what mom doesn’t want a break!  What did you get married for? you can love a man so much but what can you offer? can he physical eat love? can he take love out of the dryer, iron it, and wear it to work? can he pour a hot cup of love in his favorite coffee mug before heading to work? can he make love to love on a nice romantic night? if you answered yes to any of these question please provide proof! here’s a list of my duties being a Mom:

  • chef

  • maid

  • doctor

  • teacher

  • nurse

  • referee

  • driver

  • handyman

  • counselor

  • photographer

My duties of being a Wife:

  • His Supporter

  • His Back bone

  • His Lover

  • His Friend

  • His Strength

  • His romancer

  • His Pornstar

  • His personal chef

  • His counselor 

  • His maid ( to a point) 

  • His doctor when he is sick

to name a few

Now everybody’s marriage is different and the advice that I give to my close friend is never give room to another woman to take over your role as a wife. Men are like kids if you don’t play fair they’ll find new friends! There is always someone waiting to do everything you are not!

To all the men who cook and clean (because there are some) my hats are off to you and we thank you! If he is willing to help! I recommend switching roles alternating task if one cooks then one should clean ect. To all my Moms and Wives that do it all by themselves find ways to enjoy it start a fun routine, go to bed early wake up early,  nothing is worse than being tired and having to hear the alarm clock at 6:30 am! 


We are strong and we rule the world!!

….Please stay tuned for my self help guide for moms and wives coming soon!

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I would love to post my readers stories!!

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