SAHM|Building My Brand

SAHM:stay at home mom

SAHW:stay at home wife

Hello, beautiful readers!

Per my last post stay at home mom’s need a daily routine I advised that I will go in depth with the blog you are reading now! Let’s get to it!

Building My Brand

Building my brand is basically me working on my business and career goals that I have set for my business which is “A Mom Who Designs”

How can you do that and run a household full-time?

This is a question that I ask myself daily, nevertheless it gets done hunty! I’m going to be going back and forth with my last post stay at home mom’s need a routine to give you a better understanding.

My mornings are always booked from 7am-2:30 pm, during the week I try to focus one whole day to my Blog, Pinterest and IG page

  1. create a new blog post
  2. Go to Canva create a blog photo
  3. Go post on Pinterest
  4. Make sure all links are coming back to my Blog
  5. Repeat to IG

I’ve read several women who blog full-time use blog pinner’s to help keep them organized. Now, I’m not knocking other successful bloggers I just don’t feel like paying someone money to help me keep my pins in order 😉!

For the most part I work on my business at night after I put the kids to bed so I can really focus. My Pinterest Monthly followers have proven that I’m doing a great job I went from 1.1k to 8.6k in less than 2 weeks

A goal from my vision board to be at 10k before Christmas

To wrap it up

I get better with time I’m dedicated 100% to my home and my business! Am I rich yet? I wish! But working hard towards my goals will only pay off in the end I’m motivated I see results daily and I get more motivated! I can finish a home chore faster than usual and I get so excited!

Have fun, live life, save money, and be you!!

Thanks for reading leave me a comment I’ll be waiting


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