Christmas is more than gifts!

This dawned on my spirit this afternoon, an I immediately logged on to my browser typing this sentence:

Helping families in need

Local shelter’s popped up and I downloaded an application to fill out and bring it to the shelter of my choice.

Now this will not be a long drawn out post I just wanna state a few inspirational facts:

  • Not everyone is fortunate!
  • Not everyone has the finances to buy their kids the simpliest gifts!
  • We are humans we have ups and downs!
  • It’s natural to fall behind on payments!
  • Sometimes life gets the best of us!
  • Company’s close and leave their workers with no options!

My point is, if you have a local shelter in your area, Help! If you know of someone in need, Help! If you want to make a difference, help!

Merry Christmas

~A Mom Who Designs~


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