I don’t like Pinterest newest update!

I’m very upset about Pinterest newest update you guys!


I was so excited everyday to see how my monthly followers grew everyday! I was just at 12K (it was frustrating and exciting at the same time) I worked so hard to understand Pinterest SEO.

I learned what Pinterest guidelines were to boost my business profile up and grab all the monthly viewers I could. Now, I haven’t logged on from my desktop yet so I don’t know if the numbers under my name is hidden and only the page owner can see? But, seriously Pinterest send out an email next time to give me a warning πŸ€ͺ.

I’ve read alot of blogs saying that the number was pointless and I’ve also read alot of blogs saying how they grew they’re monthly followers over night! I was one of those people who grew their followers overnight so my progress was overwhelming. Well, Pinterest killed that vibe for me!

If you were using Pinterest everyday and you used it as a tool to advertise and bring back people to your blog THIS IS THE WORST NEWS EVER!!


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