My New Bed Comforter and Decor Ideas!

Hello, Readers!


I’m so excited you guys! Today I went to Walmart to pick up my new comforter! Many people buy comforters from other retailers but I still like walmart I feel like they’ve come a long way, this was a deal so I had to grab Besides, I’m a mom who likes to budget as well as design, Wink!

I’ve decided to change my bedroom around, I need a new scene and color scheme I went from a mustard and olive to teal,gray, nude pink! Now, my husband did not mind seeming how he was happy thought I didn’t choose the floral comforter, Ha! Ha! 

So….the new comforter you are inquiring about!?



I have never been a big fan of Teal or Pink, But the way it looked in this pic made me buy it online instantly! I’m glad I did it cost me about $42 with tax and everything. I told my husband it really brings light into our room.

Some decor I love!

0b97d734df1190f2bde7d2f7cd89a781.jpg I found this idea on

I seen a lot of different shades on this circle ringy thing, I’m definitely going to try to make this (I’ll keep you guy updated).

my next favorite thing is!

997a349fa203e6aca14502fb3578e9f9-1.jpg I’m not completely sure about this, but, I want something similar to this. It’s a little kiddish to me maybe with some more colors and a little more on the canvas maybe light pink and gold I think will be very cute. It’s something I can put my own twist on!

5c510ef2b245e67176406009229fb260.jpg I absolutely love this rug and the shoes (they aren’t mine, Sad!) this rug at my bed side will definitely help me get out of bed quicker! I already have a rectangular white fur rug that I keep in front of my mirror. I’ll def be on a hunt for this rug!

In this pic I like the floral arrangements, tables, and lamps. It’ll be easy to combine these three pics in one!

Last,but, not least!

5621c69141e87140d2382e326070c6a6.jpg I’ve always a space in my room where I can snuggle up and blog, write, or drink coffee and budget. A space for me to look out the window while holding a cup of hot joe!

So I will definitely be back with the finish product of my new bedroom decor! I’m going to Goodwill tomorrow to pick out some stuff I rather bargain first and save so I can buy expensive and not feel bad for it, lol! Leave me a comment and tell me what you think or give me some ideas so I can definitely use them!




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