When you feel attacked, Embrace It!

Have you ever felt attacked? as if nothing is going right? although you know that you are doing the best you can, maybe even more?

Well that’s good! Don’t get scared, embrace the CHANGE and allow it to work and shift you in a better direction!

Most of us humans start to panic or question why we’re being attacked.

That is the absolute wrong thing to do, Its basically saying that you don’t trust the process!

Have you ever prayed for something? or said to yourself I wish this or that was different? or you simply wanted a better opportunity?

so that attack you feel is your path aligning with your purpose! you might can’t see it but how you choose to deal with it will definitely determine how you will receive it!

So I’m writing this to tell you: 

And realize that you are bigger than the ATTACK! and you can simply beat it by responding ” Bring it on because I wanted change and its coming”




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