Bloggers Support Bloggers

Lets be blogger friends!
Its hard for a new blogger to be up and coming with no support! Am I right?
I remember how it felt posting new blogs on a daily, I remember I kept telling myself it’ll all pan out in the end, Truth is I’ve been having my blog for a whole year now and I starting getting serious about 7 months ago and I’ve starting seeing progress, Now I’m not at all like some bloggers getting hundreds even thousands of likes and followers but I do good enough (prep talking myself) lmao! I blog about topics I love and passionate about like: lifestyle, diy, goodwill, home decor, motherhood, being a wife, life experiences, saving money.

How About!

I was thinking how I should start a blogger friends group! something like a book club but we meet up through email, some sort of video outlet and hold topics, invite people, write blogs together. Just support one another and see where it goes!
Do you remember how it was for you?

please share you story in the comments to make a new blogger feel comfy in the blogger world and let them know what to expect and to look forward too.

I’ll Start:

First starting out I didn’t know what to write, Or When to write. I didn’t know about header images and I surely didn’t know about how to gain a readers eye. Now I am writing blogs, designed a whole website on my own, started a business Pinterest account went from 240 monthly viewers to 17k monthly viewers. I’m getting several pin shares and traffic to my website every late night and dream I’ve had and still have is unfolding right before my eyes
-Krystal A.
A Mom Who Designs

Your turn!


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