Coffee & Jesus

Let me share how much I love a hot cup of Joe in the morning before I get my day started. Sipping on hot coffee as I write plans and goals for my day and my life is sweet heaven! I can never picture starting my day without it. Late night grocery shopping I came across some creamer for my coffee: Italian Creamer (pictured below) so I said to myself let me see what kind of mugs they have to match this delicious discovering and there I saw it, I picked it up quickly and ran to the check-out line.

Why I chose this cup?

This cup represents the two things I value out of life my coffee and my Jesus. Its a great way to start your day off speaking to Jesus and sipping coffee! Now if your not religious then you are not going to understand fully. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a religious freak but I do believe and that belief has lead through more storms than you can ever imagine.

Why am I so grateful?

I never was the type of person to force religion on another I don’t judge at all! But as for me and my home we serve the Lord! I’ve been through alot and nothing that I stressed over or felt overwhelmed about seems to matter because it was all tooken care of at the end of the day right before my eyes. I learned to breathe and embrace change . Wait a minute, I wrote a blog about that (hehe)but if you haven’t I’m attaching the link When you feel attacked! Embrace it,

How do this tie all together?

I wouldn’t be the Mom I am without a force embracing me to be all I am! I wouldn’t feel as strong as I do if I didn’t speak and love this powerful source! I pray over my children, my husband, my life, my household, my finances, my goals, just about everything! And that’s what gives me a great morning start knowing that I’m not alone and still moving forward, not scared of a brick in the road! The brick can be removed! Nothing is too big or too small!

Let that sink in!

~A Mom Who Designs


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