Sometimes you have to regroup and start again.

Sometimes you have to regroup and start again


It’s been a while since my last blog! I have been so busy with packing and moving. I at least try to get on my Pinterest  account a few times a week to keep my ranks up! For 2019 I plan on bringing awesome blogs to you guys, I plan on doing a new home tutorial, new goodwill hauls, decorating new spaces, So I am definitely excited about that and can’t wait for you guys to tune in on that!

Let’s give it up for new beginnings!!

Change has came upon me and my family it was time to say goodbye to old things, old ways of living, and old habits.

I am so excited that my children have adapted easily to these changes and did not put up much of a fuss. I wanna thank my husband for always being supportive and understanding and always being a team player.

These new changes has not been easy and my faith was tested several times but I kept the faith and did not let the devil win! My God is greater than any obstacle I come across!

If you are new please subscribe I would hate for you to miss all the wonderful things that are in store!

See ya next time!!!!




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