Fall wreaths are finished

Hello guys so I just finished two fall wreaths that will be apart of my Fall in August πŸŽƒπŸ‚πŸ part 3 video. I will only be showing you guys one wreath that I will be making in the video!

I had so much fun going to Dollar tree purchasing material for this project, well, all of my projects! You can catch this video on my YouTube channel a mom who designs

Total project cost: $5

  • Glitter Fall ribbon
  • Glitter Fall leaves two pack
  • Wreath
  • Fall bow two pack

The best thing about Dollar Tree is that you get a lot for your moneyπŸ’°, the bow and the leaves were in a two pack set so I always have extra left over for the next project!

Launching Seasonal DΓ©cor

I’ve decided to launch my seasonal dΓ©cor line!

I’m really excited about this idea this is something new for me, but I’m ready to think outside the box and do something I know I can do! I’ve started doing my fall decorations early and I’m hoping to get a good start on my Christmas decorations as well. I wanna go all out! I’m talking launch party and also a buy party I wanna do a raffle and get a great prize out to the winner. I have some serious planning to do if I want this to be launched by sept 15-ish. Since this is my first launch/buy party ill keep it small and under budget I can gather some family and friends, some finger foods, music and just make it a beautiful thing. I also thought about selling at my local flea market so I need to get a permit to sell, you have start somewhere, right? as long as you’re starting that’s all that matters! Β 


I can see it now….

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